SEO Services

Website Optimisation

Website optimisation is essential for user experience and search engine visability.

No two website optimization projects are the same as there are many factors which influence the level of optimization work required on an existing website. Some of these factors are:

  • have you employed SEO services in the past?
  • have any Spam techniques been used in the past?
  • has the website suffered from any penalties?
  • how has the website been designed?
  • is the website in frames or Flash?
  • is the website CMS or database driven?
  • has keyword text been produced as graphics?
  • how many pages are there?
  • how has the website navigation been constructed?
  • does the website have existing valuable links?
  • how competitive are your target keywords?
  • how many keywords do you wish to target?
  • how new/old is the website?
  • what are your expectations, time frame and budget?

On looking at your existing website we will be able to answer many of these questions ourselves. Combining this with a short email or telephone conversation with yourselves we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote broken down to cover all the different website optimization options to suit your budget.

If your website is new and in development this is the best time to consult an SEO company regarding website optimization as many important elements need to be incorporated at the design stage. Making these changes later would, in the vast majority of cases, incur further unnecessary costs.